Get More Mass Tort Cases. Reliable. Compliant.

We run completely transparent advertising campaigns to help you acquire compansable cases for mass torts.
You will know precisely how the lead has been generated and you will know the full consumer journey.

There are no secret sauce elements. You'll see the ads, the landing pages and everything that the consumer sees and experiences.

All with simple pricing. No contingency fees. No long term contracts.

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An Advertising Agency specializing in Mass Torts

  • We run YouTube ad campaigns to generate mass tort cases.
  • All done in-house.
  • Like your very own advertising department.
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It’s imperative that the consumer calls in.

That way you avoid all TCPA liabilities and stay in line with bar regulations. Depending on what your bar requires you want to submit ads and landing page to your bar for approval or for the record.

Consumers then call in to your intake team.
You verify their identity and grill them with questions to make sure you can build a solid case.

Then you get their medical records, obviously with their permission, and if all checks out you ask them to sign a retainer.

Then you make sure you stay in contact with them at least every 3 months with updates.

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