As the owner of an advertising agency specializing in mass torts, I help attorneys generate more compensable cases through effective and ethical online and TV advertising campaigns. With a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and 25 years of experience in advertising and marketing, I have a unique combination of technical and creative skills that enable me to deliver high-quality results for my clients.

I manage all aspects of the advertising process, from strategy development to media buying to intake services. I ensure that all ads are compliant with TCPA and bar regulations and that all calls are consumer-initiated and verified. I offer flexible and transparent pricing models, based on advertising expenditure, percentage, and flat rate. I also published a book on media buying, sharing my insights and best practices on how to get the most traffic for the lowest cost. My mission is to provide reliable, efficient, and ethical advertising solutions for mass tort attorneys, and to help them grow their practice and serve more claimants. 

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