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We have been doing Lead Generation, Marketing Consulting and Pay Per Click Management for clients since 2001. That's a lot of experience.

We specialize in YouTube Ads management but depending on your particular needs we can also offer other PPC management, media buying, newsletter creation as well as development and deployment of complex marketing strategies involving online and offline media and advertising solutions.

Free Google Ads Account Audit

Google ads and especially YouTube ads are ideal for growing and scaling your business.

Unfortunately Google hands out “training” in the form of “thank you for your $500 payment... that did not work... please try again”.

After you have ran a campaign on Google ads you know for sure that you’ve spend money.

Unless you were extremely lucky you have no clue what exactly went wrong.

So, you try again. And again.

After several $500 or $2,500 attempts and if you are really persistent you can figure it out.

But honestly, are your time and your sanity not a little more valuable?

I have been doing Google ads for 20 years. Got the t-shirts and the hats and the fridge with Google logos. And I have spend millions of dollars in advertising money to figure out what works and what does not work.

If you want, I can take a look at your Google account and give you a free audit.

This is not meant as a free training for absolute beginners. You should have something going already and you should have already spent some money on Google ads.

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